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of which we are apart. we are not as john donne wrote, an island entirely of itself. the theme of city and society will highlight the range, that, and breadth of our contribution to this society. the city's 108 companies alone at support over 200 reserve and regular units and armed forces. 100 cadet units and almost 350 its occasional establishments. this affects tens of thousands of young lives with scholarships and the printer chips -- apprenticeshipes. city is vital and creating jobs and growth abroad. supporting and service businesses and the wider economy, so we will work closely with the city u.k. and international regulatory strategy group, promoting the idea to services and business and well-established markets, as well as a dynamic new developing economies. not least, talking about how crucial london is as europe's financial center. the chair of the policy committee and i have the ambition to visit or hold an event for every single one of our eu partners next year. we will work to enhance the predictability and clarity we offer business, how that promotes the u.k. internationa
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)